What? What will you be? Who will you love? Where will you go? How will you get there? When will you go? Why will you do these things? Heavy fucking questions. Heavy fucking questions we ask ourselves. All the time. Heavy fucking questions others ask of us. We ask of them. And the answers. Those pesky little responses that we’re forced to provide. They change. … Continue reading Shrug

Strange Strangers Strangely Exchanging Exchanges

Don’t talk to strangers. Nope. Don’t do it. Or do it. Talk to them. Those people you don’t know. And then get invited to their house for lunch. And then have them take you to a cool little coffee shop for some delicious egg coffee. Don’t talk to strangers. And then don’t have the opportunity to make new friends. Of course not all strangers are … Continue reading Strange Strangers Strangely Exchanging Exchanges

Buddhist Beliefs & Cliché Cares

This is going to sound cliché. It is cliché. But I will forever remember this moment. Where I was. When it happened. When Paris bled. When bodies fell. When voices were silenced. I had another post written. All set to go. But then something happened. This happened. And it changed my plans. My original post was vapid and stupid. Self absorbed and unnecessary. As most … Continue reading Buddhist Beliefs & Cliché Cares