Strange Strangers Strangely Exchanging Exchanges

Don’t talk to strangers. Nope. Don’t do it. Or do it. Talk to them. Those people you don’t know. And then get invited to their house for lunch. And then have them take you to a cool little coffee shop for some delicious egg coffee. Don’t talk to strangers. And then don’t have the opportunity to make new friends. Of course not all strangers are … Continue reading Strange Strangers Strangely Exchanging Exchanges

Waxing & Waning & Coffee & Paining

Tradition! Tradition. Bom. Bom. Bom. Bom. Bom. Tradition! (This makes sense only if you know the musical ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. Which I’m hoping you do. If not, get on that shit) We have a number of traditions in my family. As all families do. One of these delightful traditions is to get weird massage and/or beauty regiments done while we are abroad. It makes … Continue reading Waxing & Waning & Coffee & Paining

Easy Rider

I get it now. Totally. The appeal was lost on me before. But now the appeal has found me. Motorcycles. Motorbikes. Scooters. Mopeds. I get it. I’ve learned it. I’ve lived it. And I fuckin’ love it. Vietnam is a country of motorbikes. It’s the preferred mode of transportation. Crazy transportation. I met a super nice Italian woman a couple weeks ago who couldn’t believe … Continue reading Easy Rider

A Fowl Deed

Today I took a life. Blood was spilled. I felt the last bits of life leave the still warm body. Today I killed a chicken. And it was delicious. Phong Nha is not a major tourist destination in Vietnam. No. I lie. Phong Nha is not a major tourist destination for foreigners. The Vietnamese folks come here more frequently. There’s a ridiculously gorgeous national park … Continue reading A Fowl Deed