What? What will you be? Who will you love? Where will you go? How will you get there? When will you go? Why will you do these things? Heavy fucking questions. Heavy fucking questions we ask ourselves. All the time. Heavy fucking questions others ask of us. We ask of them. And the answers. Those pesky little responses that we’re forced to provide. They change. … Continue reading Shrug

Emotional Scars & Disney Princesses: Life Decisions

At a crossroads. Such a clich√© term. Really. But that is where I am. Maybe not a crossroads. Maybe more like standing at a decision making crosswalk. Do I stay on this side of the street? Do I cross the road? Maybe turn right? Or there’s always the left turn. So many directions can be taken. Well, four, actually. In this traffic scenario. But which … Continue reading Emotional Scars & Disney Princesses: Life Decisions


I am currently surviving a Polar Vortex. What is a Polar Vortex, you ¬†may be asking? A Polar Vortex is a sonofabitch winter weather storm that comes to your town and shuts it down. Snow, wind & ice for days. In this, the year of 2014 (the year of the horse. Of course), North America has been hit with multiple vortexes (vortices?mouses or mices?). Never … Continue reading Vortex