Lights Out

The cheers are loud and wholehearted. Filling my newly brightened apartment. They come from the people of the neighborhood. The men, women and children who live in the area that deal with this all the time. Their entire lives. This is their reality. An inconvenience and source of new frustration for me. But for them this is nothing new. They have experienced this kind of … Continue reading Lights Out

Buddhist Beliefs & Cliché Cares

This is going to sound cliché. It is cliché. But I will forever remember this moment. Where I was. When it happened. When Paris bled. When bodies fell. When voices were silenced. I had another post written. All set to go. But then something happened. This happened. And it changed my plans. My original post was vapid and stupid. Self absorbed and unnecessary. As most … Continue reading Buddhist Beliefs & Cliché Cares

A Penis Poem By Any Other Name

A stranger in a strange time. And I am that stranger. And that strange time is now. Strangely occupying the same strange space. A space that is filled with the possibility of change. The possibility of hope. The possibility of possibilities. Right now. In this very moment, historical happenings are happening. Right now. In this very moment, I am drinking a cup of coffee in … Continue reading A Penis Poem By Any Other Name