Husbands & Lakes: Let’s Get Wet

Mon July 6 –A jazz festival. There is a jazz festival happening in the capital city. And I stumbled upon a free outdoor concert last night. The first was a group from Japan. A group of cool cats, with awesome hats and horns and banjos. They played in such a way that you could see them begin to lose themselves to their music. A wonderful … Continue reading Husbands & Lakes: Let’s Get Wet

Miming Scissors in Mongolia

Travel, like hair, is transitory. It comes and goes. It cuts and grows. And there is your ridiculous and unnecessary analogy of the day. A haircut was needed. And as I’m currently in the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaan Baatar, and no longer out in the countryside passing by huge herds of sheeps and sleeping in nomadic gers, it seemed an appropriate time for the … Continue reading Miming Scissors in Mongolia